Conformation Classes

CIKC Spring Classes

This 8-week Conformation session for the Champaign Illinois Kennel Club has only 2night left. May 15 and 22, 2024 at:

The Dog Training Club of Champaign-Urbana, 2210 West Ford Harris Road,

Urbana, IL 61802 is located 1?4 mile East of the Ford Harris Road and

Route 45 (approx. 3 miles N. of I 74)

 (we meet in ring 1 on the North end near the kitchen)

CIKC is following any CDC and state of Illinois guidelines.

We request that anyone feeling ill please stay home. If you suspect

you have been in contact with anyone that may be ill, please wear a

 mask at all times in the building.

*Understand that these guidelines and all rules are subject to change*

We request that if you suspect your dog is ill, or has come in contact

with any virus, that you keep your dogs at home and contact your

veterinarian about further treatment. Those with healthy dogs that

come to class, please keep them under control, not allowing close

contact with other dogs.

Along with the DTCCU classes in other rings, we will be hosting 4-H Dog Showmanship classes in ring 1 at 6:00pm. Please keep all dogs under control and always be aware of others around you. 

The scheduled dates were: April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15 and 22. 

 6:30pm Beginning Handlers - This class is only for people who have never handled before!  It will cover basic stacking, movement and ring procedure. It will merge into the 7:00pm class for the second part.  Full pmt. of $80.00 for class required.

7:00pm - Conformation Ring Procedure and Practice: Open to all

handlers with prior experience. This class will be run in an AKC show ring style. It will include presentation of the show dog including stacking, gaiting and various judging styles.

There will be paperwork to fill out and a list of rules for use of

this facility will be available for each new participant.

If you are new to our classes or have not recently been to one, please bring an updated copy of your dog's vaccination/titer record including proof of rabies with you to be kept in our files.

Dress comfortably with good “running” shoes. We also advise you bring your own water and pan for your dog should they need a drink.

General Public- 8 weeks: $80.00 per handler,

Club Members- $55.00 per handler,

Drop-in - $10.00 per handler

(Make checks out to CIKC)

Statement From DTCCU:

Important Information Regarding Dog Illness

At DTCCU we are committed to the health and safety of all dogs who come to train in our building.  Last fall you may have heard various reports about a new ‘mystery’ respiratory illness in dogs, manifested by common respiratory symptoms – coughing, runny eyes and/or nose, appetite loss, fever, lethargy, sometimes developing into pneumonia and, rarely, death.  The illness has been reported in many states, including Illinois.  Veterinarians and veterinary pathologists are still unsure whether this is a new pathogen or not.  What is known is that the illness is infectious and occurs most commonly in dogs that are boarded in kennels, attend doggy day care, or spend time in dog parks.  Please read this article, dated 12/6/2023, for more information.

Until more is known, the AVMA strongly urges owners to keep their dogs’ vaccines updated.  Maintaining overall health through routine vaccinations can help support a dog’s immune system in combating disease.  Check with your veterinarian to be sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations.

For the safety of all our dogs, do not bring your dog to the club if it is displaying any respiratory symptoms or other signs of illness.  See your veterinarian promptly for treatment.  While you and your healthy dog are at the club, do not share water bowls or toys with other dogs.  If you need a crate, bring your own, and do not store it at the club.  There will be no community crates available at the club during the winter session, possibly longer.

DTCCU will continue to monitor the situation and respond to new information as it becomes available.

Inclement Weather:

Understand that weather changes in a moment’s notice. Use

your discretion if weather is a question. We will do our best to announce closings on the CIKC website:, on Facebook: Champaign Illinois Kennel Club – CIKC. DTCCU may announce closings too.  (If the Dog Training Club Classes are canceled…we are not holding classes either)

For further information Contact:

Colleen Woodcock

Please Remember:

 *All participants and their guests are expected to follow the guidelines set forth by both clubs at all times while on the grounds. Please pick up your copy of the rules at the ringside table when

filling out your class card.

 *It is required that all participants pick up after their dogs. Use only the areas marked for this purpose. Equipment is available on the grounds along with a proper outside disposal area.  If clean-up is needed inside the building, please dispose of all solid waste outside in the disposal area.

*Remember that humane treatment of your dogs is imperative at all times, but especially while on club grounds. *Bitches in season are not allowed to participate. Please contact the class coordinator if you are unable to attend due to your female coming in season.  Beginning handlers are encouraged to come and watch.

 *Also remember that “Handicapped Parking” areas are only for those with the correct parking passes properly displayed.

 The Champaign Illinois Kennel Club offers Conformation Classes or ring practices known as Work Nights for beginning and experienced handlers. These classes are held just North of Urbana in a spacious climate controlled building owned by the Dog Training club of Champaign-Urbana, 2210 E. Ford Harris Road... located approx. 3 miles North of  I-74 on Route 45 and 1/4 mile East on Ford Harris Road.  

Classes That May Be Offered During The Year:                                          

Beginning/Novice Conformation - For New handlers, puppies and/or dogs just starting conformation showing. This class may move at a slower pace and will cover stacking, gaiting, and general presentation of the show dog.

Advanced Conformation - Open to all handlers with prior experience. This class will focus on ring procedures and practice perfecting ring skills.

Puppy Socialization - For puppies age 10 weeks to 14 weeks.

AKC Jr. Showmanship - For youth entering the AKC Jr Showmanship Classes.  Focus will be on skills needed to present their dog in this handling skills competition.

4-H Showmanship - For 4-H youth enrolled in their County 4-H Dog Project. 

*Held in the DTCCU Climate Controlled Training Building*